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The decision to enter therapy is a significant one.   

There may be a particular circumstance causing stress, grief or confusion, and you’re looking for help to work your way through it. You may be seeking change because of developmental, spiritual or life-changing events and are ready for the next step. You may be feeling desperation and are simply looking for a lifeline.

Therapy can help you know and trust your own truth and can help you learn to foster wisdom, compassion and healing within yourself.

I hope you will find some helpful information on this site.

I offer services for both clients and therapists.

My therapy is based on building a safe and caring therapeutic relationship and bringing mindful presence into each moment.

I specialize in working with ADULTS who are struggling with issues related to childhood sexual abuse, including dissociative and borderline symptoms, addictive and self-harm behaviors, and relationship and trust issues.  I also work with COUPLES grappling with addiction recovery, survivor issues, or parenting concerns.
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I provide individual and group CLINICAL SUPERVISION FOR PSYCHOTHERAPISTS who want to bring mindfulness, collaboration, and use of self to their work.  The supervision groups emphasize the intersection of personal realization, spiritual growth, and professional integrity.  For many years, I have presented WORKSHOPS on Mindful Presence in Psychotherapy™, self care of the therapist, ethics, clinical supervision, and working with clients with dissociative and borderline symptoms.  
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And no matter what your field of work is, I particularly enjoy helping you to integrate your work into the rest of your life in a way that feeds the soul, validates the authentic self, and builds community within and across cultures.

I have been in practice for 40 years, providing treatment, training, and supervision.
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My office is located in downtown Decatur, Georgia. Please call for an appointment or for referrals or resources.

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Joanna Colrain



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